Paul Rosen: 1979 Mark V radio rebuilder recommendation

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Paul Rosen: 1979 Mark V radio rebuilder recommendation

Post by 1979lincolnfan »

Since I purchased my car a couple years ago, the radio functioned, but the volume was muffled and the slider controls for the left / right and front/ rear appeared to not function. I was able to locate a very nice man in Toronto named Paul Rosen. After speaking with him on the phone, I shipped him my radio. He took it upon himself to some how find a repair manual for this radio, as her had not worked on one of these units before and managed to service and repair the radio, which now works perfectly. His charge to complete these repairs was extremely fair and he was very good about communicating with me as the process was taking place. If you want his number message me. Tell him Scott in Chatham sent you.
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Re: 1979 Mark V radio

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I'm moving this to Suppliers sub-forum and retitling it as it is a recommendation, not a request for advice. It's borderline spam, but I will accept it as it appears you are a satisfied customer and you sound genuinely happy with the service.

If you need a backup radio, I have one in unknown condition. PM me if interested. Price is right if you are local (SE Michigan).
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Re: Paul Rosen: 1979 Mark V radio rebuilder recommendation

Post by TonyC »

O, wow...nice! I wonder if he'd be up for fixing a Sanyo FT-V96 head unit, specifically the radio part, which cuts off and on (though more often off) randomly...? I'd even add a copy of the service manual to help him out (yes, I do have that).

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Re: Paul Rosen: 1979 Mark V radio rebuilder recommendation

Post by Jkipp »

I would be interested in getting his number, I too have the same radio and would like it gone thru, what did he roughly charge for yours? Thanks
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