Mark V headlamp door hinge bushes

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Mark V headlamp door hinge bushes

Post by v8moneypit »

Hi all,
One of the headlamp doors on my Mark V sticks when opening. Found a lot of slack in the pivot. The bush has crumbled so the door lifts before it folds if that makes sense.
Is anyone able to provide a source for these bushes please? I'm in the UK so would need someone who can ship outside the US. Although I do have friends in the US who could forward them for me if necessary.
If I can't locate any, I could makes some at work, but would be easier if they are available.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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Re: Mark V headlamp door hinge bushes

Post by Lee »

Does it really have bushings? The parts diagram suggests it might just be a bolt and a hole in the fiberglass door. You may need to get creative with some fiberglass filler.
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Re: Mark V headlamp door hinge bushes

Post by frasern »

I looked at my '79 parts car today, the front is smashed to pieces, but part of one door is still there, and it has a bushing. Sadly, it was broken in the crash, however I will enclose a picture.
I can send a better picture and dimensions, if you want to try to fab something up.
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Re: Mark V headlamp door hinge bushes

Post by 1Bad55Chevy »

Looks like a shift linkage bushing. If there is something slightly different about it I would assume you could get creative with an exacto knife and make it work!
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