Top Up Cycle - Won't Lock to Windshield

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Top Up Cycle - Won't Lock to Windshield

Post by jdk64slab »

Looking for input on what might be the cause of the following issue, top retracts with no issues but when putting it back up the top will not lock to the windshield. If I keep the top button pushed up the trunk lid will go down and and screw into the receivers. This then screws up the sequence of the top down operation if you try to then put the top down. The car still thinks it hasn't locked to the windshield and the top starts to try and go into the trunk while the trunk lid is still down.

I have figured out how to use jumper wire to get the top to lock to the windshield before the trunk lid goes down, but my question is, what switch or relay is bad or not properly adjusted that the top lock sequence isn't working? What should I be looking at replacing or adjusting?

Hopefully I'm explaining this correctly, summer is coming to an end here and hoping to get this sorted out this fall before the car is put away for the winter.

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Re: Top Up Cycle - Won't Lock to Windshield

Post by Dan Szwarc »

Bad or out of adjustment forward top up switch.
Bad top lock relay.
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Re: Top Up Cycle - Won't Lock to Windshield

Post by Steve1963 »

My 63 started doing the same thing today. In the top up cycle, the pump shuts off when it's supposed to, so I know the limit switch in the back is fine, but it won't lock to the windshield. I'm guessing my issue is either the relay or the #1 top lock limit switch on the right side of the first bow.
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Re: Top Up Cycle - Won't Lock to Windshield

Post by frasern »

Just a thought, how tight is the fabric? Tops shrink, it's just what they do, no amount of conditioner will stop it, and if it's too taught, the latch may just not quite reach anymore. There is a procedure for adjusting the bows to compensate for this in the manual.
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