The term "Base"

This forum is for discussion of those terms we see in car ads and articles that can be misleading, misunderstood, or misused. The goal is to arrive at definitions we all can agree upon.
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Re: The term "Base"

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It has been some time from when I first posted this!

I sold the 76 Mark IV over 10- years ago. The buyer got a great car for a fraction of what I had in it. In the 3- years of owning it, I had put over $36,000. in it and, it sold on Ebay for $8,900.
Big money loss for me but, the fun of it was putting it back in factory fresh show-room condition. It truly was a great project, one I will always be happy that I put together.

I still have some extra Forged Aluminum wheels, anyone interested?
'76 Mark IV
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