Read First! If you want to save money...

Place your messages for parts or cars wanted in this forum. If you have something to sell, you may want to see if someone is already looking for it here. If you find what you needed, please post a reply to the original message that you got it. All posts over 90 days old will be deleted.

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Read First! If you want to save money...

Post by Dan Szwarc »

If you are posting a request for something that is widely and commonly available at the Usual Suspects, please indicate you are looking for an alternative that is cheaper, closer, etc. Many items for our Lincolns are available new and used at the sellers indicated the the US thread.

Everyone wants to save money, but please save us the time in pointing out obvious sources for items if you are on a tight budget. If you fail to do so, your thread may be deleted.

Please, also remember you have a Lincoln, NOT a Mustang or a Chevy. Everything is more expensive.

Sources for alternative solutions to common problems should be posted in the appropriate sub-forum with an appropriately descriptive Subject title for other who care to search for them later.

Thank you.
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Re: Read First! If you want to save money...

Post by defrang »

I agree completely Dan but would add this: I have called Wanda at Bakers Auto and compared prices to eBay only to find Bakers competitive. With the added benefit of a return policy often absent with eBay purchases. We are lucky to have the usual suspects.
Robert DeFrang
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