Frame reinforcement

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Frame reinforcement

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Hello everybody,

I have a 67 convertible on which we tried to install an Air Ride kit following the instructions provided by the manufector.
We didn't had to cut anything and just removed the rear leaf springs.

The installation added some weight in the trunk : the tank, compressors.
Once we removed the suspensions, the rear of the car got "flexible". The rear leaf springs were playing an essential role in the car's rear overhang maintain

It might be a specific problem to this car and it might have been weakened by corrosion or something else

In any case it cannot be used without additional work and we would need your ideas to reinforce the frame to finish the installation
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Re: Frame reinforcement

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There is no separate frame, so what you’re talking about is beefing up the subframe or steel.

I think the body torsion you are experiencing is most likely normal. However, others have sone it without issue by either ignoring the flex or adding steel by consulting an expert.

I find the former more likely than the latter.

How rusted is the car?

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