Blair Farmer's Lincoln Continental Services aka Blair's Lair

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Blair Farmer's Lincoln Continental Services aka Blair's Lair

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I visited Blair's Lincoln Continental Services shop or Blair's Lair as I call it in Clearwater, FL yesterday. Teresa Connor aka TC is helping me w/ the parts to upgrade my AC in my 1965 Lincoln Continental Convertible. Blair and I have become good friends over the years and he allowed me to show a bit of his shop during my visit yesterday.

The video will post at 4 PM ET on 8/15/2022 (today). Please check out and consider subscribing.

Note: if you need parts rebuilt or to schedule service please give Blair a call at 813-732-8833 or email him @ If you call him please leave a detailed message of what you are needing and your callback number. He is very busy during the day (1 man shop) and can't always answer his phone. He has been working on Lincolns for 40+ years. Fun fact he had a shop with John Cashman back in the day in the Tampa Bay Area.

More to come as I hope to begin the parts upgrade this coming Saturday at Blair's shop. Can't wait to have ice cold AC blowing in "Rita Hayworth" which is what my wife and I call our '65. Thanks again Robert D. for selling us the car!

Video link:

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